Air fried Marie Callenders Chicken Pot Pie

How to cook Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie in an air fryer

Whatever Marie Callender’s pie you’re cooking, you’ll want to prep it first. That means following these first two steps:

  • Remove the pie from exterior cardboard package
  • Leaving the pie in the paper tray wrap foil around the pie crust edge

Wrapping the edges with foil prevents the thinner pastry crusts from burning. Here’s an example:

Do be aware it can be tricky getting the final cooked pie out of the air fryer; I recommend investing in some heat resistant cooking gloves if you’re going to using your fryer a lot. Check out these gloves over on Amazon for less than twenty bucks. They may manipulating items in the fryer a little more simple and safe. Please note, we get a small referral fee if you do make a purchase via that link.

Back to the pie though…Marie Callender’s pies come in a variety of sizes; how long you cook the pie will depend on the size of your pie. Here are some examples:

Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie (10 ounces)

  1. Preheat air fryer to 350F
  2. Cook pot pie for 40 minutes at 350F
  3. During the last 5 minutes remove the foil from the exterior pastry if you like a crisper or well done finish
Air fried Marie Callender’s Large Chicken Pot Pie - 15 ounces
Air fried Marie Callender’s Large Chicken Pot Pie – 15 ounces

Marie Callender’s Large Chicken Pot Pie (15 ounces)

We’ve recently updated this one (previously we recommended 40 mins at 400F), but some users reported burning, some users reported good results. This updated recipe cooks at a lower temp for some extra time:

  1. Preheat air fryer to 350F
  2. Cook pot pie for 60 minutes at 350F
  3. During the last 5-10 minutes remove the foil from the exterior pastry if you like a crisper or well done finish

We used the COSORI to air fry this (affiliate link, we get a fee), always check your food with a good kitchen thermometer.

Can you cook a pot pie in an air fryer? Yes! Should you? Well, that’s a bit of a tougher question. While the air fryer certainly speeds up the cooking process compared to a regular oven, I wouldn’t say it adds anything in particular to the finished product. Of course if you don’t own an oven, or don’t want to turn it on for a single pie – the air fryer can shave a decent amount off the cooking time.

Other pot pies in the air fryer

Please ensure your food is always thoroughly cooked. We recommend investing in a reliable kitchen thermometer. Our current pick is the the versatile Chefs Temp Final Touch X10. Get eight dollars off here. We get a small referral fee for any purchases made too!. Here's more on the X10.

This website and all recipes are presented as a reference only. Many variables may influence your own cooking times. Read this info on using our recipes.

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  1. Your directions were terrible. I ended up with a burned top crust, frozen innards, and a raw dough bottom… 340 degrees for 40 minutes does the trick
    Thanks no thanks

    1. Sorry to hear that Donovan. This was for the Cosori 5.8QT air fryer. What brand and model did you use for other folks reference? They’re all a bit different, based on size/shape/performance/setup, the above recipe was perfect in mine.

    2. Mine burned black on top and set off the smoke alarm after just 7 minutes. Wished I would have read your comment first.

      1. Sorry to hear that GJ, what air fryer did you use? Per the article above, this recipe is for the Cosori unit, but it sounds like yours is quite different?

  2. i just bought a B&D Air Fry Oven. This pot pie recipe says to set temp knob to 400F. Why do all the “air fry” recipes give a cooking temperture when it’s not needed? With my B&D oven the temp knob is set to the “AIRFRY” setting… get air frying results. To set it to some amount of degrees Fahrenheit would mean you baking the pot pie not air frying. Question: What’s the point of an air fryer if you’r not supposed to use the “Airfry” setting?

    Also my oven says in order to toast sliced bread you select toasting, then you turn the bottom knob (toasting control I believe) “past 20 and past middle toast and then to desired setting”. But that’s very confusing because the bottom knob has no time settings (20 or other) just various toast doneness graphics. There’s a 20 in the timer setting but that’s not it because you may want 5 min or 7 min or 3 min? The other knob is for selecting degrees F or Air Fry. Question: Do you have any idea what B&D means by turning the knob “PAST 20 AND MIDDLE TOAST?”

    1. Hi Peter. In essence an air fryer is a small convection oven. Most are small units that generate high heat in a small space then use a fan to circulate the air at speed. That convection cooking creates the crisp finish most people love with the air fryer. You can of course get full sized kitchen ovens with convection fans, but in my own experience, its the small enclosed space of the air fryer that helps intensify air flow and maximize crisp.

      At the end of the day, yes, these are small ovens with a fancy name. Temperature control is definitely needed for nuance in cooking. Eg I can cook soft, hard and medium boiled eggs in my air fryer, but I cook at 250F, I expect 400F would be far too hot and cause them to crack. The closer you get to the 400F mark (or higher) the better your crisping results will be. The lower you go, slower baking.

      As for the B&D unit, I am afraid I’ve no personal experience with that product. I’d give their customer support a call to clarify 🙂

  3. Isn’t one of the advantages of an air fryer to cook things in less time? So why does it take 60 minutes in an air fryer when it takes 60 to 65 minutes in a conventional oven?

    1. Hi Janine. Typically you’re correct. With items like chicken nuggets, French fries, patties – I find you can shave off real cooking time with an air fryer. Essentially smaller pieces, with lots of surface area that the circulating hot air can cook through quickly. I’ve seen products that require 20mins in an oven barely take more than 5 in the air fryer.

      The pot pie is a weird thing to cook in the fryer really. Its a big, heavy, dense product that due to the size (on the big pie here) can take a while to cook through to the center. You can cook at 400F and the time will be shorter – indeed the original recipe here stated just that but users reported the increase temp burnt their pie crusts, so we reworked it to be a lower heat for a longer cook.

      The recipe is included in case people really want to air fry a pie for some reason: away at college and no oven, broken oven, oven full with other food etc.

    1. For sure Tom – the air fried pot pie really depends on a lot of factors – most largely the type of style of your air fryer. I would definitely keep an eye on things as they cook!

  4. I own a Ninja Foodie. Used the bake option and baked for 40 min at 350. Turned out perfect and I didn’t even cover the crust!

    1. Thanks. I also have a Ninja and am currently trying to cook a 15oz Marie Callender’s pot pie. I already cooked it 390 for 40 minutes and the top is really brown enough but the veggies are not done enough. I just covered it with non stick foil and am going to see if I can get them tender this way. I only need the one cooked at a time.

      1. @Bob R… I have a foodie too and was wondering so thank you for your comment.
        @Jo… did it work to cover with foil, did the veggies soften up?

    2. Awesome. I just got a 5.5qt Ninja. I put it on 360 bake for 40 mins and am waiting for it to be done rn. I thought fry might be too much so I chose bake. O read your comment and now I know I made the right choice.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t have any information on those, are the bowls cookable in a regular oven? Eg is the packaging oven safe?

  5. I have an Instapot Duo.Crisp.

    Big pies like Callendars take forever in any oven or air fryer. You can however microwave it to doneness which is quicker and crisp it in the air fryer. Microwaves cook from the inside out.

    You can also thaw it in the fridge and then cook it on about 350 until.done. Done is 160 -170 on a meat thermometer. Watch the crust. Did I.mention you need a meat thermometer no matter what you’re cooking? You amazed how much easier and safer it is than trying to ESP what you’re cooking.

    No two airfryers are alike so yelling at Stuart because your pot pie burned to a crisp is rude and futile. This is not a push button technology that works for all machines. And It’s not magic. It’s real cooking…you have to pay attention and learn. An oven is an oven an.oven.

    Write down what works so you can again.

    In my fryer I can cook anything at any temp I want…I just have to adjust the time.and my reasonable expectations. Slower often works better.

    Use your common sense and your thermometer. This is true FOR ANY COOKING APPLIANCE.

    Thanks for your help, Stuart.

    1. Thanks Tater! The recipes here are hopefully a jumping off point, a place for people to start from when looking at cooking X or Y in their own fryer; as you say, there are so many variables, there will always be some variance. Common sense, a little thought and a thermometer go a long way.

      I like your idea of microwaving the pie to most of the way before crisping in the fryer, that’s a really smart idea for shaving a lot of time off!

  6. I have both a NuWave and Gourmia Air Fryer. For cooking the Marie Callender’s 15oz chicken pot pie I used the Gourmia. I wrapped the edges as suggested, preheated the Air Fryer to 360 and then cooked the pit pie for 45 minutes from frozen. It came out perfectly. Golden brown and crispy crust and perfectly cooked inside. Thank you for the directions.

  7. I tried this method with Mrs. calendars large pot pie was absolutely wonderful the crust is the best part of the whole thing and it turned out perfect thank you for the instructions

  8. Ok so this is what I did, I am using a culinary edge air fryer. I cooked a 15 oz Marie Callender’s pot pie. First I microwaved it for 7.5 min. Directions say if you want it microwaved to cook 10 min. But I hate mushy crust. I did not put a slit in it like the directions call for either. So then I put it in the air fryer for 4 minutes. Perfect! Absolutely perfect! Crust was a nice golden brown and everything was piping hot.

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