Reheated fried chicken using an air fryer

How to reheat fried chicken using an air fryer

  1. Remove chicken from refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature, 10-15 minutes
  2. Preheat air fryer to 370F
  3. When ready, set temperature to 370F
  4. Place chicken in single layer in fryer basket, with ample space between each piece, don’t crowd the basket
  5. Cook for five minutes
  6. Optionally heat in microwave for 15+30 seconds, see notes below

We used the COSORI to air fry this (affiliate link, we get a fee), always check your food with a good kitchen thermometer.

The air fryer is the PERFECT way to reheat fried chicken. The hot circulating air re-crisps the chicken exterior and keeps the interior juicy

Cooking notes

Your mileage will vary based off the fried chicken you’re working with. If the fried chicken was poor to begin with, even the air fryer won’t save it. Garbage in, garbage out and what have you.

Your precise cooking time might also vary ever so slightly based on the size of chicken, the coating and the cut. Most wings and legs should reheat well with this recipe. Much bigger breast pieces might need refinement. Speaking of which…

I find that while this recipe perfectly crisps the exterior, sometimes the interior of larger pieces of chicken are a little lukewarm. In these instances I sometimes also add a last blast of microwave heat for no more than 15-30 seconds max (1200 watt microwave). This can help bring some of the interior meat up to temperature, without hurting the exterior crust.

As ever, please use common sense and meat thermometers as appropriate to ensure safe eating!

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  1. Love this fried chicken reheating method. I just used this method on 6 chicken breasts from Chick-fil-A for 6 Chicken Sandwiches. I took all 6 cooked chicken breasts off the sandwiches and then put everything into the fridge. I knew it would be about 4 more hours before we would be eating these sandwiches together as a family for supper. Everyone got home from school and work and then BOOM LET’S GO! Let the cooked chicken breasts sit on the counter for 20 minutes. Followed your instructions to a tee and BAM… Wife and 13 year old son approved method! Certified!

    1. Forgot to say that I had tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles on these as ordered from Chick-fil-A. These and the buns were what stayed in the fridge after I took the chicken breasts off to get to room temp on the counter. After all was finished… Tasted almost just as good as a fresh chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A.

        1. That’s great to know its easy to recreate a chicken sandwich too, thanks Jay! I’ve always wondered, but worried about some of the ingredients getting a little mushy in the fridge – need to give it a go now 🙂

  2. I think the air fryer works best and restores the crispy quality to the fried chicken. The microwave “works” but it doesn’t give back your crispiness to the chicken. I have a Ninja Foodie and love it. I also have an Instant Pot and really would like to get the air fryer/broiler attachment. I may just replace it with the new complete model. I’m wearing it out making yogurt, rice, beans, etc., One of the century’s greatest inventions.

    1. Glad to see you’ve discovered the joy that is re-crisping fried chicken Mike, it’s really great huh? 🙂

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