Using our recipe guides

If you decide to follow the instructions on our site, we ask that you consider the following general guidelines. First and foremost…

Use common sense

Don’t follow the instructions blindly. Use your smarts people. We don’t know your own personal setup or situation. This site is presented as a reference guide only – not a defacto solution.. We’re not affiliated to any food manufacturer. We’re just documenting our own experiences in the hopes it helps someone else. Again, use your common sense folks.

No overcrowding

All the recipes are intended for simple single layers of the ingredient in question – with no overcrowding intended. Air frying works best when there’s plenty of room for the hot air to circulate all over.

If you start crowding the fryer basket or layering things on top of each other, the end result will suffer. You will see cooking times extended and also a poorer final crisp (if that’s what you’re aiming for).

The limited output capacity of an air fryer is probably the single biggest drawback to air frying that people struggle with.

Air fryer

All recipes are clearly marked with the air fryer we used to get these precise results. There are so many air frying models on the market, yours may slightly vary. If you find you get materially different results with your own fryer – let us know in the comments – it might help someone else.

Check check check your temps

Again, common sense, don’t just arbitrarily assume your food is good to go because you read something on the internet. We recommend investing in a kitchen thermometer like the Habor Meat Thermometer to ensure your food is thoroughly cooked. It’s quick, under twenty bucks and it’s waterproof – and hey – we get a small referral fee for any purchases.