Air fried Marie Callender’s Large Chicken Pot Pie - 15 ounces

Air Frying Accessories

So what other accessories are handy when using an air fryer? These are our must buy items that makes life easier when cooking with an air fryer. Please note the links are affiliate links, meaning we get a few cents if you make a purchase. These small payments help us to maintain the website.


Ramekins used for making Yorkshire puddings
Ramekins used for making Yorkshire puddings

If you don’t already have a set of ramekins in the house, get some! These little ceramic bowls can be used for a ton of things, not least some great air frying recipes. You can buy them here on Amazon for less than $15 for a set of 6. The Bellemain brand reckon they’re good for upto 2000F so plenty safe for the fryer!

We use them for everything from perfect baked eggs with a runny center (makes the perfect burger topping!) through to dishes like Yorkshire puddings!


Harbor Meat Thermometer

Harbor Meat Thermometer. An affordable kitchen thermometer is a must in my opinion. Sometimes a little trial, error and tweaking is needed when cooking something new in the air fryer. A thermometer takes all the guess work and worry out of the mix.

You can spend a small fortune on thermometers of course. We love the Harbor Meat Thermometer for it’s price, speed and utility. It will measure temperatures up to 572F which is more than enough for air frying.

It’s waterproof which makes cleaning after use real easy and it sports a handy cheat sheet of meat cooking temps on the reverse. Its also yours for under twenty bucks, which is a great deal.

You might also want to check out our full list of recommended thermometers here.

Food prep containers

Rubbermaid meal prep containers
Rubbermaid meal prep containers

One of my goto accessories are meal prep containers. When you need to toss something in oil before it hits the fryer, or coat it in spices or sauce, a good quality container is a must.

I personally love these Rubbermaid Meal Prep Containers – they’re affordable and very sturdy, plus very versatile. Not only are they freezer safe but they’re top rack dishwasher safe and microwave safe too. They’re also free from nasty chemicals which isn’t always clear on ultra cheap brands.

Sturdy and safe tongs

OXO Good Grips Tongs with Black Silicone Heads
OXO Good Grips Tongs with Black Silicone Heads

The OXO brand might cost a few more dollars than cheap knock offs, but I am a huge fan. You can genuinely feel the extra cost in virtually all their products – these tongs included. And frankly when I’m dealing with the air fryer, and all the hot surfaces, I want to be sure in the products I use.

Anyway, you’re going to need some tongs if you buy an air fryer. You’ll be flipping, jiggling, tossing, turning and more – to make sure your food crisps up on all sides evenly. I love these tongs with the scalloped heads and Amazon say they’re safe to 600F – purchase them here. Oh, they’re dishwasher safe too.

Heat resistant gloves

Vemingo heat resistant gloves
Vemingo heat resistant gloves

Depending on the design of your air fryer, and also the dish you’re cooking – removing your food or ifrom the fryer can be a fraught experience. The fryer cooking basket and the food container itself can be extremely hot.

I recommend investing in some heat resistant cooking gloves if you’re going to using your fryer a lot. Check out these gloves over on Amazon for less than twenty bucks. They offer some brief protection from the searing heat, and are far better (in my experience) than the oversized mitten style BBQ gloves I had in my kitchen already. I find these much more dextrous.

Parchment paper

General Tso's chicken reheated in air fryer
General Tso’s chicken reheated in air fryer

Most grocery stores will stock this common cooking staple. If you can’t find it the brand we use is Reynolds and you can easily order it here from Amazon for five bucks. Parchment paper takes the pain out of cooking and reheating sticky items like the General Tso’s above. See here for our guide to using parchment paper in the air fryer.