Air Frying Accessories

So what other accessories are handy when using an air fryer? These are our must buy items that makes life easier when cooking with an air fryer. Please note the links are affiliate links, meaning we get a few cents if you make a purchase.

Harbor Meat Thermometer

Harbor Meat Thermometer

An affordable kitchen thermometer is a must in my opinion. Sometimes a little trial, error and tweaking is needed when cooking something new in the air fryer. A thermometer takes all the guess work and worry out of the mix.

You can spend a small fortune on thermometers of course. We love the Harbor Meat Thermometer for it’s price, speed and utility. It will measure temperatures up to 572F which is more than enough for air frying.

It’s waterproof which makes cleaning after use real easy and it sports a handy cheat sheet of meat cooking temps on the reverse. Its also yours for under twenty bucks, which is a great deal.