How to make baked eggs in an air fryer

Air fried baked egg with runny yolk close up
  1. Preheat air fryer to 340F
  2. When ready, set temperature to 340F
  3. Liberally spray in the interior of a ramekin with cooking spray
  4. Crack egg into ramekin
  5. Gently place ramekin into air fryer
  6. Cook at 340F for 5 minutes

This recipe is based of using the COSORI Air Fryer (5.8QT model, affiliate link).

Call this what you want: baked eggs, shirred eggs, easy over eggs; whatever you want to call it, the result is the same. Delicately cooked creamy eggs with a soft runny yolk.

It’s easy to get a little intimidated by the notion of eggs in the air fryer, don’t! This is super simple and has great results. Just be sure to use a good fat free cooking spray. Avoid butter, it will burn.

Air fried baked egg with runny yolk
Air fried baked egg with runny yolk

If you don’t already have a set of ramekins in the house, this dish alone is worth the minimal investment. You can but them here on Amazon for less than $15 for a set of 6 (affiliate link).

As I say, this recipe alone is worth the minor cost as the resulting eggs are beautifully creamy, almost like a poached egg. Hey, why don’t we call these air poached eggs! 🙂

Anyway, the ramekin creates there perfect molded shape for a range of dishes, everything from breakfast sandwiches to the perfect burger!

Air fried baked egg on burger
Air fried baked egg on burger
This guide is presented as a reference only. Please ensure your food is thorughly cooked before consuming. Many variables may influence your own cooking times. If in doubt contact your air fryer or product manufacturer.

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