Air fried black cod
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How to cook black cod using an air fryer

  1. Preheat air fryer to 360F
  2. Place prepared fish into air fryer (see below)
  3. Cook for 12-15 minutes at 360F

This recipe is based of using the COSORI Air Fryer (affiliate link, we get a fee if you buy!).

Sablefish AKA black cod is a great fish to cook in the air fryer. The white fish has a high fat content which means it won’t dry out too much. I like to add the fish to the fryer with a little parchment paper underneath. See our guide here and always be safe using items like this in an air fryer. The paper prevents the fish from sticking to the fryer – which can be a pain with fish skin.

A thermometer is really handy when cooking fish. I usually cook for 12 minutes then test the temp, the thickness of your fillet might need a couple more minutes. The FDA recommends 145F for fish.

One of my favorite ways to finish the fish is with home made black bean sauce using some fermented black beans!

Sablefish in black bean sauce
Sablefish in black bean sauce
Please ensure your food is always thoroughly cooked. We recommend investing in a good kitchen thermometer. Our faavorite is this affordable unit from Habor We get a small referral fee for any purchases made through Amazon.

This guide is presented as a reference only. Many variables may influence your own cooking times. See here for more info on using our recipes.

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