Making fresh pita bread using an air fryer

Yield: 8

Air fried pita bread

Air fried pita bread

To make the pita bread dough, I followed this recipe. It takes about an hour or so and is really simple. From there, I took the following steps to cook them in the air fryer. There are a few caveats with this one, so please do read the notes below as well.

Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 6 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 6 minutes


  • Proofed pita dough, see recipe link above


  1. Preheat air fryer to 400F
  2. Add prepared (flatted and rolled) pita to air fryer
  3. You'll probably need to cook the pita one by one
  4. Cook for 4-7 minutes
  5. Flip pita for last 2 minutes of cook time
  6. I find 5-6 minutes is the sweet spot depending on the thickness of the pita bread


I don't feel as though I've yet perfected this recipe just yet but its a solid start. The dough itself seems great, so for sure start there. I think this makes reasonable pita, but not excellent. I think the air fryer dries out the pita a little, but on the flip side, once its cooled it does reheat into a very pliable bread in the microwave.

One fun thing I did try was sprinkling the pita with a variety of seasonings before cooking too - check out the pics - sumac was my favorite!

There's a lot of variability that I'd love to nail down. Please leave me your feedback in the comments if you give it a try.

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  1. Wanted to send a picture of the bread I just took out of air fryer!! Sumac was a good suggestion. You need a hotter oven, cranked mine up to 450 on air crisp. Was perfect in 4 minutes. Also, brushed the top with olive oil after sprinkling on the sumac.

  2. I added a sprinkling of dried herbs in the flour. I think 200C is too high. My 2nd batch at 180C for 4 minutes was fine. I let them cool and finished them in the toaster. Still a work in progress but getting there. It helps to make the dough in a Breadmaker

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