Oven baked bacon

Can you air fry bacon?

In a word yes. Should you air fry bacon? For us…it depends. We realize that flies in the face of a lot of posts out there on air frying sites, but in our book the experience can be highly variable.

We think a lot comes down to the bacon you use. Cheap, overly fatty cuts can generate a lot of fat and a LOT of smoke in our experience. All that hot circulating air and pork fat come together and create billowing amounts of smoke – after just a couple minutes of cooking using our own fryer.

Depending on the design of your fryer, you may also get some residual splattering inside the unit;, that remains for a few more fries. You might not care, but if you have a veggie in the house, they might.

Air fried bacon

For best results we prefer a slightly thinner slice and one with a nice fat/meat balance. Here are some successes we’ve had:

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