How to air fry hamburgers quickly

Air fried quarter pound burger

  1. Preheat air fryer to 400F
  2. Cook for 8-9 minutes at 400F, turn half way through

This recipe is based of using the COSORI Air Fryer (5.8QT model, affiliate link).

I see a lot of recipes out there that take 16-20minutes, that seems awfully long to me, especially for a relatively thin patty. Obviously your mileage may vary based on the thickness and weight of your burger patty and how many you try to load in the air fryer at once. Remember, the less crowded the fryer basket, the quicker you’ll find things cook.

For the above recipe I’m using 1/4lb burgers with minimal ingredients; I personally prefer as simple a burger patty as possible – let the quality of your meat shine through I say. For the above recipe I simply took a quarter pound of meat, formed it loosely into a ball and then pressed it down into a thin patty. Finally, I seasoned with salt and pepper before cooking.

The above recipe should yield a well done burger that creeps over the magic 160F mark that’s recommended for when you cook ground beef from the store.

We recommend investing in a kitchen thermometer like the Habor Meat Thermometer to ensure your food is thoroughly cooked. It's quick, under twenty bucks and it's waterproof - and hey - we get a small referral fee for any purchases.

This guide is presented as a reference only. Many variables may influence your own cooking times. If in doubt contact your air fryer or product manufacturer. Please ensure your food is thoroughly cooked before consuming. See here for more info on using our reciopes.

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