Air fried crostini

How to make crostini using an air fryer

  1. Preheat air fryer to 400F
  2. Cook prepared bread for three minutes (see below)
  3. Shake bread after two minutes

We used the COSORI to air fry this (affiliate link, we get a fee), always check your food with a good kitchen thermometer.

What do with leftover French bread? Simple – make crostini! These little rounds of sliced bread make for the perfect salad side, snack or dipping device. We always make these when we’ve forgot to finish off a baguette and then bread is starting to get a little too hard; don’t risk a broken tooth, make crostini!

Preparation notes

Cut your bread into roughly 1/4 inch slices. Add to a deep bowl and coat liberally in olive oil. Normally I’d advise against olive oil at 400F (it can burn above 350 or so), but here the cooking time is short enough.

Next liberally salt and season with your preferred herbs and spices. I like a good dusting in roasted garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper. Cook as detailed above and enjoy piping hot (be safe!) or even cold.

I also like to add a little more olive oil to them once plated too.

Please ensure your food is always thoroughly cooked. We recommend investing in a reliable kitchen thermometer. Our current pick is the the versatile Chefs Temp Final Touch X10. Get eight dollars off here. We get a small referral fee for any purchases made too!. Here's more on the X10.

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